Literary Lunch Autumn 2017

Friday 27 October, 12 for 12.30pm
Top of the Terrace, Norwich City Football Club


We are delighted to welcome Tim Bentinck (best known as David Archer in The Archers), Dan Jones and Elodie Harper.

Our Literary lunches are invariably popular and successful, the perfect way to hear several great authors speaking about their recently published books. We welcome you to a fine two course meal presented by Delia's Canary Catering and the pleasure of listening to all the authors as they entertain us after lunch.

Tickets £29.50, available from Customer Services, floor 2 or online at

Tim Bentinck - Being David Archer

Tim Bentinck has played the part of David Archer in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers since 1982. With five million loyal Archers listeners, Tim takes the reader behind the scenes of the longest running drama series in the world, a British institution with a theme tune that Billy Connolly wants to be the National Anthem.
But that’s not all. With wry, self-deprecating humour, Tim recounts his enormously varied life. He is a successful actor in TV, film and theatre, a voice specialist working in every vocal medium, but he’s also been an HGV truck driver, a US tour guide, a computer programmer and website designer, an inventor with UK and US patents, farm worker, house renovator and he sat as a crossbencher in the House of Lords for three years. Unlike many acting memoirs, this isn’t a succession of thespian tales of freezing digs, forgotten lines and name dropping. This is an articulate, funny and thoughtful account of how to survive an insecure life.


About the author

Apart from being an actor, Tim is also the Earl of Portland - and the voice of ‘Mind the Gap’ on the Piccadilly Line. Tim was educated at Harrow, the University of East Anglia, where he read History of Art, and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where he won the Carleton Hobbs Radio Award. He has written a children’s book, Colin the Campervan, and a book of spoof Dada French poems, Avant Garde a Clue, that, when spoken, are actually well known modern songs. He has written a number of travel articles for the Mail on Sunday. He lives in London.

Elodie Harper - The Binding Song

Dr Janet Palmer is the new lead psychologist at HMP Halvergate in a remote, bleak area of Norfolk. At first, she was excited by the promotion. Then she starts to see how many secrets are hiding behind the high walls.

A string of inmates have committed suicide, leaving no reasons why, and her predecessor has disappeared - along with his notes. The staff are hostile, the threat of violence is ever present, and there are rumours of an eyeless woman stalking the corridors, punishing the inmates for their sins.

Janet is determined to find out what is really going on. But the longer she stays and the deeper she digs, the more uncertain she feels. Halvergate is haunted by something. But it may be a terror worse than ghosts...


About the author...

Elodie Harper is a journalist and prize winning short story writer. Her story 'Wild Swimming' won the 2016 Bazaar of Bad Dreams short story competiton, run by The Guardian and Hodder & Stoughton and judged by Stephen King. She is currently a reporter and presenter at ITV News Anglia, and before that worked as a producer for Channel 4 News. She is married with a young son.

Dan Jones - The Templars

A major new history of the knights Templar—holy warriors, bankers, priests, heretics—by the bestselling author of The Plantagenets.

Jerusalem 1119. A small group of knights seeking a purpose in the violent aftermath of the First Crusade decides to set up a new order. These are the first Knights of Templar, a band of elite warriors prepared to give their lives to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land. Over the next two hundred years, the Templars would become the most powerful religious order of the medieval world. Their legend has inspired fervent speculation ever since. But who were they really and what actually happened?

In this groundbreaking narrative history, the bestselling author of The Plantagenets tells the true story of the Templars for the first time in a generation, drawing on extensive original sources to build a gripping account of these Christian holy warriors whose heroism and depravity have so often been shrouded in myth.


About the author...

Dan Jones is an award-winning historian of the Middle Ages and the New York Times bestselling author of The Plantagenets and The Wars of the Roses. A charismatic television presenter, he has narrated Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty, a four-part series based onThe Plantagenets, as well as another series about castles in England and France. He is a columnist at the Evening Standard and has contributed to Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Smithsonian, and many other outlets.